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February 2002 Today as I walked along with Casper our dog I had wanted to fill out this month for our site and could think of nothing else. It's Gary's birthday week. On the fifth Gary would be have been seventeen years old. Even to know if I should write caused  me to pause and think hard. Seventeen years old and we only had Gary for fourteen of those. I think of Gary's last birthday amongst us and that for me shall be the most memorable. How he wished for his Championship Manager Three  game for the computer  but he had to wait an other two months for it and how he was willing to hang on to the money until he got  that game.

 We went to " Courtown " on that day , a local beach resort. We did all the usual things we had done on so many birthday occasions for the lads. We spent some time and money  in the amusement centre. Later getting something to eat in a " fast food " place usually for Gary chips and more chips. We went  walking along the beach eating sweets or a bar of chocolate and later doing all the little things which went to make up a day out. 

For to celebrate Gary's seventeenth birthday we went to a local hotel and had our lunch on Sunday and there we toasted our boy Gary. Through the week so many thoughts went through my mind. I try desperately to make those thoughts more real by spending time going through Gary's book's and all his " stuff ", just imaging back when Gary was here. I even turn on and off the lamp over Gary's bed which he read by so many times. I suppose I was not happy until my heart ached so much. And now I get to celebrate Gary's life once again by writing about him on his very own website. I don't know how many more " birthday's " I shall remember but one thing I know on each of those birthdays I shall look back on those happy times which brought so much joy to us and remember the love we got in return.

To Gary I send a thousand best wishes and a thousand kisses on his seventeenth birthday and I only wish I could buy  him the latest "footie " game for the Playstation.



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