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Gary Remembered.

 As  you can see Gary is very happy looking here. Christmas was  a very special time for Gary ,Stephen, and Lisa (the Cleverest Girl in the world). Gary always managed to make sure the " Santa Clause Magic" was always there  for her and all of us. We especially ask that you spare a thought and indeed any prayer for Gary during the month of December.

Gary in the Point Theatre in The Hallelujah Concert. Smiling at his Super Mom. Gary was so keen to sing the school teacher included him even though he was not picked to sing. That's our Gary.

Christmas Time 

At Christmas Time ,

People go to sleep wondering what will be

under the tree the next morning.

At Christmas Time,

We don't seem to have one bit of 

sorrowfulness about Africa.

At Christmas Time,

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

All of these we take for granted.

Written by Gary   


"The memory of you is so strong ,we wonder how we shall get along."

                            Christmas 2000 for us.        Christmas 2001


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