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July 2001

This month its over two years now since Gary passed. I try to tell in the poem  of  the pain we feel and how we the miss and long to  see Gary. Also how time although its helps so much it never can give you what you wish for most of all. I use words like my and I but they mean all of us who know and loved Gary. Yes I know I am no poet but it doesn't stop me trying Gary will understand.

Missing you 


The Poetry I sometimes write

Words just written to ease my plight

I sit to remember your smiling face

The world I know so hard to embrace

I hear those words " You'll heal with time "

But its not them that leaves you behind.


I know to survive I must let go

But not just yet I shall be slow

I can see the race I must win

But yes that training never did begin


The baby books so full of advice

It never did say you could die

There's that word which causes me to stumble

Rarely spoken always mumbled.


Another day over, I did not cry

Except silent tears I could not dry

So goodnight my love till tomorrow again

I take up that fight that I must win.


To Gary Love From Mom, Dad , Stephen , and Lisa




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