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October 2001

I have not re-read my past thought for the months that have gone bye. In fact when Gary died  I kept a diary of how our life was at that time. I believe it helped me cope at that first stage but I am afraid to look over the diary to be reminded of the awful hurt and pain of loosing Gary. No words can describe what it was like and yet I write this knowing  it happened to us. Two years and some months have passed, each day we  remember Gary in everything we do. I think that's why I included  the thought for each month  in our site. This ensures as time passes Gary is remembered in a special way on the world wide web which gave Gary the greatest source of sharing  knowledge that man has known.

The sadness of knowing Gary has gone on without us and knowing our lives must continue on its journey I have often pondered. Sometimes not being able to cry when I feel I must  is heartbreaking for me. When I think how easy it was to cry before. I remember reading that "crying was healing itself  a necessary part of bereavement " and now its so difficult for me to do just that. As a wound must mend  our hearts must  mend also but  it will have left its toll on us all.

October the month for witches, pumpkins, begging night and a night of fireworks to launch the local opera festival but most of all for us it was the start of the run up to Christmas. We hope this Christmas  to enjoy that time and Gary shall always look in on us when he can.



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