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But Gary was much more than clever he was very sensitive and saw  the cruel ways of life.  In the community,  in school and on the football playing field he encountered so much bullying  in his short life all because he was a special boy. Gary  had a sensitive nature which  was a very rare thing in these days of tough teenagers. Gary was" his own man "and he was never swayed by the crowd. If he knew something to be wrong he stood firm and the bully tactics always failed to change him. His school principle told him in front of his class "he was the bravest boy he had seen".


Gary was clever and entertaining. When he was two years of age he could spell lots of words and always had a huge ability to communicate clearly.

The neighbours loved to hear this tiny person spell words such as Quinnsworth (our local supermarket), Shell oil, all the road traffic signs. He knew  every make of car, the registrations of all cars in our street  and much much more. By the age of three he could read anyl children's books and he could memorize them and recite them back.  When he was five he could tell you the names of each President of America, when they were born, how long they served, if they were married and lots of  other facts about them. In fact in a lot of peoples minds he was a genius and he was our son. If I suceed in nothing else in life I lay claim to knowing Gary Somers.



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