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A Star Is Born

Gary aged five about to let R.T.E (national television) see him appear on " School Around The Corner ", with his puppet Sooty. Gary was chosen for his quick witty ways. He managed to entertained us and he gave so much happiness and joy on that day which continued throughout his life. Memories we keep fresh in our minds treasured forever. One day I am sure those memories shall bring comfort to all of us who knew Gary. 

I have come back to this page and and after two years I find it so hard to believe our little man is not with us. The  memories are still clear in my heart I now know they shall remain forever. I have videos of Gary which I still cannot bear to watch I am grateful to have them and one day I shall look at them and maybe just maybe  the pain of grief might not be so bad.



Gary had many talents, his early love of writing earned him recognition from Billy Roche the writer and is seen here receiving a certificate in June1994 for his writing. Gary continued his work until his passing. The focus of his work was compiling and collecting facts, history and knowledge on different football teams. His favorite subject "The Old Firm" better known as Celtic. He loved the rivalry with Rangers and often stirred many a debate which Gary seldom lost. His knowledge of football and all sporting matter is legendary and continues to fascinate people who knew him. He was our fountain of knowledge, each time I hear questions on the television I always say to myself "Gary would know that answer for sure".


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