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"The life and times of our special son Gary.The loss of a true friend ,a beloved brother and a son never to be forgotten.  "  I shall add to these pages in time as sport was a major part of Gary's life.  


Gary,s love for sport started very early in life and continued to grow with each passing year. Although Gary was bulleyed in almost every club he stood up these people and it was his firm and honourable stand that made him a target.

I remember Gary came to watch his brother Stephen play a match . Gary brought a football to kick about with his sister Lisa .This was enough for these bulleys to start .But Gary being the boy he was continued and never let it bother him .I quote again from Gar "keep your head high and don't mind them".This Gary managed to do all his life , and its because of things like this we know the strength and courage our little "Gar" had .Gary shall always be my inspiration and guide throu this life.

But I know Gary would not dwell on this.It was the Football`that he loved most.It  started by supporting "Aston Villa"football club.But Gary quickly realized   that  nobody supports Aston Villa. .But moved to support "Spurs".They lost on many occasions and we enjoyed the fun jeering him about "the loosers" After a few years Gary moved to Liverpool Football Club. Now he was happy for here was a team who could win matches .At last .

Please excuse my knowledge of the game but Gary was the man for facts ,figures , rules and regulations.Every football team around the world he had the knowledge.

His love of sport gave Gary a goal which he aimed for and that was to become a commentator.He wrote to R.T.E.(national t.v)asking how or what it takes to become a commentator and recieved a nice letter in reply .

I would gladly write more and more but this afterall is a website and as you all know there's a lot of surfing to be done so I shall not keep you too long .But to say another of His love of Tae-Kwon -Do  surprised us for Gary was so gentle and kind and not a boy you'd imagine to find practising a combat sport .  But it was the respect each person had for each other and the discipline found there that kept Gary attending there three nights a week.Gary,s ambition was to become a Black Belt but sadly Gary got only as far as Blue Belt .But to honour his dedication and love of the sport Gary received his Black Belt from his Instructor(Pat O'Rourke Wexford 5thDegree Black Belt) three days after he passed on.To Pat we owe a great debt for he was one  of  the few who gave Gary the Honour And Respect he deserved whilst here amongst us Thank you Pat from Brendan,Christine,Stehpen and Lisa

   (I shall always add to this page later  for "Gars" love of all sports showed no boundaries.)Gary,s Moments of Glory(photos of Gary)



Dedication to Gary