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September 2000This month I have left it quite late to publish our thought. In fact my thoughts this month are focused on a book we are reading A Star Far Away . Written by a local woman whose son sadly drown in July 98. Its written in a letter form to her son Christy and it describes how life is like for a normal Mom and Dad when there precious child is taken by the sea. I would not be able to do justice to the book but I know it gives  a good insight to other "normal " people who have not had to make this  journey after their child has passed on. Even for parents like us who have lost a son it really proves that we all are normal even when we think our sanity is tested to the full. To loose a child and to continue to live afterwards and to able to say you enjoy life is a hell of a struggle and with people like Patricia and her husband Kevin that journey can make more sense. 

The above is my own personal opinion for what it's worth. Take care of that which is the most precious gift, all our children .They are each a beautiful gift from God and without the love of a child you have not known what life is truly about. Equally true when that gift has been taken away you  learn so much about life and the existence of something which is so great and powerful that only the death of a child may allow you to know.  Needless to say we'd give the world to have Gary sit here with us and live that life which was so simple and yet so precious. 


september 20001Time has passed by so quickly and each month brings healing of some kind. It would be wrong of me not to say our lives have not " moved on ".   When Gary died it gave me some strange comfort to live my life constantly in the shadow of Gary's passing, perhaps I felt this would keep  us safe from anything else bad happening to our family. I know when you have lost a child these words bring little comfort and knowing the awful hurt and pain I only wish there were words that could comfort bereaved parents. 

Its only after two years that I can begin to understand what "moving on " might mean but its a start. If our children are to grow up happy and to have a full life as adults then I know this had to happen. It really is a journey into the unknown but as time passes I learn to appreciate its not all bad. If only when your child passes you could be transported from the terrible reality into that period it takes of learning  to live life again and to know its ok to live on then things might not be so bad. 

On 11th September 2001 an attack on " The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center" left thousands of lives shattered and in ruins. I only  hope that the God we know can help each of those families to get the strength and courage needed to keep living.  Although Gary died and left our lives shattered what has happened to the people of New York is thousands of times worse and so difficult to understand. I hope it will become a turning point for all the world  and not just the news on the t.v for a couple of weeks. My thoughts are with those who lost their lives on that day.


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