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Crosstown, County Wexford, Ireland.

  We know Gary does not lie here beneath this memorial, his spirit continues to roam freely. Only now can he get to do all those things his short time on earth did not allow. This was Our means of honouring Gary and his precious life.  The shape of the stone was chosen to resemble our world. Gary's knowledge of the world was so great. His love of all who lived here. On the stone are pictures of the Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch to signify his love of sports. On the right hand side the emblem of his favorite football team " Liverpool AFC ", some music associated with the club is "You'll Never Walk Alone ", and how true those words are.

The words written on the stone are those which try to tell of Gary's great knowledge and cleverness,  he knew so much facts and figures and if he didn't know he'd find out and soon let you know.


If it's facts or figures you needed to know

 Gary was always where to go

In lightning speed he did reply

followed by a twinkle in his eye

so if in doubt or feeling low 

Gary is always where to go

 In the middle are words from Mom,


"The Memory of you is so strong

We wonder how we shall get along"


How true those words are its what all our lives are now about and it shall be like that until we join Gary. Fifteen months later we  place our trust in Gary and the powerful person we knew him to be and now the powerful spirit he has become.

And finally at the bottom are Gary's own words. We are so proud and delighted that we have these words written by Gary in a poem to him Mom for her birthday in Feb 1998.  


                 "HOW CAN I TRY TO REPAY YOU

                    WELL I DON'T THINK I CAN BUT WOULD

                        IT BE GOOD IF I GAVE YOU MY HAND "


 These words are the most important to us they are as true today as when Gary lived amongst us. It is with Gary's help we shall live our lives to the full, enjoy and laugh and continue to do all we can in memory of   " The Honourable Gary Somers ".


"The Honourable Gary somers"

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