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 Gary studying his favorite magazine "MATCH". Every Thursday he looked forward to all the scores, chat and competitions. Gary studied  for school one day but as a teacher said "how do you get a kid who gets top grades study more".

Gary did not have it easy in school but still hated to miss any time. He enjoyed the challenge of learning new things to help him face life. His ambitions were to become a linguist or a football commentator We are glad  that Gary enjoyed himself and never wasted and opportunity to kick ball in the street or to study his favorite subject football.  Keeping all facts, figures, scores of all teams. Gary knew the latest gossip on the teams. If he didn't know he would find out for you. He was always glad to help. This is how I shall always remember Gary studying football.

Stephen's first day of school guided by big brother.


Stephen is pictured here with his big brother. When Stephen was young Gary rarely let Stephen speak it was his way of looking out for Stephen making sure he was safe. They were friends as well as brothers. On the weekends they lay on the bedroom floor chatting and playing and became very close and stayed that way always.

I often go by their Primary School and think back of those days and how great those times were. These memories which bring us comfort and at times so much pain. I can live with the pain knowing that Gary was and still is a great part of our lives. We know he has his arm over our shoulders to help us live on and so we shall in his honour and memory.

September 1991



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