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To Gary From Stephen and Lisa.

 Words from Stephen Gary was my loving brothers name. Gary sadly passed away last summer. He loved his school and enjoyed sports. Writing held a huge place in Gary's heart. Every night until eleven o'clock he wrote football scores and after a few years started to write short stories. His family loved him very much and I know he loved us just as much. Homework never was one of Gary's priorities. When Gary got home he got changed and played soccer. In all he was a great person, I am proud of being his brother.

Stephen's Song For Gary  


Why Why did you have to go because I really miss you so ( oh no)

I want to go for a soccer game but you ain't here to entertain ( oh no)

FirstBridge:   I want to read I want to write I want to learn everything about life


 Chorus:  But all I'm left is a dream of you and all we're left is a dream of you oh no


Did Tae-Kwon-Do did quite well going for that black belt ( oh no)

Fixtures Fixtures were your specialty but you liked to have a cup of tea ( oh no)


Second Bridge:  Everyday I wish I could see you move around I could see you play around


  Repeat Chorus 


We We knew that you loved us all cause every picture on the wall tells us so

Repea€t First Bridge One followed by Chorus


Written November 2000 Stephen sang at our Christmas Service Nov. 2000


                   5/1/2000 Written by Lisa aged five.

Dear Gary you're with us 

looking down from the sky 

You're always remembered

You're always in hearts

We love you and care for you

too much for you

you love you and like

to kiss you but we're

sorry we can't


I think its no-one there

and I think no-one is here at all

I think they're is a wall

I think there is an Angel

from the starry sky above

and he got a heart to give back

Like he gave I could get used to that.


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