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For My Affectionate Son Gary

Gary you were born on Monday 5th Feb 1985 at 1.45. The delivery was easy, the labour was long about 24hrs. But that was not problem for you were a beautiful boy weighing 7lbs.13ozs and large green eyes, emerald eyes I called them and I was to be with you forever no matter what happened. Your Dad and I were proud and happy, your name was already chosen so you had an identity before you were born. After five days you finally came home and you rarely cried. You were absolutely gorgeous with your eyes turning dark brown after a few weeks. Strangers loved to stop me and admire those big brown eyes.

As time passed  by I began to realize that you were very very bright and intelligent. At the two yrs you could spell "Quinnsworth ", "Carricklawn" the name of your street, a real little book worm always searching, always looking for new facts or knowledge. Adults in the street loved to hear you and tell them of things they knew little. Gary we had many happy days, our favorite was the beach. After playing on the beach we went to the Amusements where you loved the little rides afterwards getting the chips before we returned home to Wexford.

At three years of age you went to playschool which did not appeal much to you. Until finally you went to big school at 4yrs and 7months. You were nervous of other children and found it difficult being Gary Somers the clever little boy who could read before attending school.

At five years you were picked to go on National Television. You were there because of your spontaneous and funny manner even managing to make a fool of the presenter (Jerry Ryan). From an early age you paid the price for being loveable, sweet, intelligent and decent and as the bully's of this world went to work.

I quote you from when you were thirteen years old "Mom keep your head high and walk on "and Gary you managed to do that every moment of your life. Gary this is all I can write now, but I shall continue again sometime.

Lots of hugs and kisses from Super Mom.

"The Honourable Gary somers"

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