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The Honourable Gary Somers

   "If its facts or figures you needed to know

    Gary was always where to go

    In lightning speed he did reply

   Followed by a twinkle in his eye

   So if in doubt or feeling low

   Gary is always where to go"

Love from Mom, Dad ,Stephen and Lisa

Below A few words I wrote for Gary 


We stand before you each night and day

Where have you gone we always do say

We loved you so very much

And enjoyed all the "Craic"

But God has decided you must go back.

How perfect you were, how clever and all.

We miss the laughter, the smiling face.

The frown if all was not to your taste

Perfection did come at such a high price

We only wish God had thought twice

So farewell Dear Son, Brother, and Friend

Your leaving us is the beginning 


We Miss You 

You can't be sleeping in this place

You with the active hands and smiling face

Those times you played out on the street

The football, the tennis, gave us all a treat.

I look out the window 

I don't hear a sound 

I think where is Gary

He's not around 

I lie in my bed

I close my eyes

What do I see

But Gary's big brown eyes

He whispers to me 

I love you all so very much

I say to him thank you Honey Bunch

And remember ALWAYS You're our 

very special Loved One.

A Year Later


I sit here to remember

But how could I forget

Those days we shared together

and the Love that never left.


A year has passed 

And what does that mean

All those days without Gary

More pain than we had ever seen.


I know you hear us always

Silent and never seen

That love you left us, Gary

Is with us even when we dream

Gary I shall be in touch over the years and I hope I can write some more. It will be far from perfect. My words may not be like the fine words distinguished people write for they're loved ones but I mean everything with all my heart. Take care Gary our son and  special friend we love you dearly and miss you each day. Lots of love from Dad.

 Picture of  Dad and the lads and Lisa 

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